After Surgery Pet Care

Caring for Your Pet after Surgery

Your pet may be sleepy for the rest of the day, so keep your pet in a quiet and protected area.  Do not keep your pet in an area that is wet — or in the sand.

Make sure the incision where the surgery was done stays clean and dry.  Check it every day and if the area gets red, swells or it starts to drain, call the vet immediately.

Don’t force your pet to eat or drink on the day you pick up your pet after surgery.  Just give it a small amount of food and plenty of water.  Start it back on its normal diet the day after surgery.

Don’t exercise your pet for at least a couple of days after surgery – and your pet should not walk up and down stairs for 2 days after surgery.

Very importantly, don’t let your pet go swimming for 10 days after surgery.

Make sure you give your pet any medication the vet prescribes exactly as the vet instructs you to give the medicine.

Your pet will recover in its own time, but if you have any concerns, please call the vet.