An Envelope Was Delivered

An envelope was delivered to the PHS vet clinic on 18 March. Inside it was U.S. $600.00, signed simply: “Thank you for all that you do! Kindest regards, Dawn Setford and1918246_10155766403361515_7342078787785322799_n Dr. Derek Zakaib.”
It took us a while to catch our breaths!
Dawn and Derek are no strangers to their generosity to PHS. Four years ago, during a PHS board meeting, Dawn and Derek literally walked right in and donated U.S. $900.00. We had never met them before, nor they us, but there they were, showing their huge support for PHS!
And once again, these guardian angels appeared, not personally this time, but through a friend visiting Placencia, who delivered the envelope.
Who are Derek and Dawn?
Veterinarian Derek opened the Huntington Animal Hospital in St. Catharines Ontario, Canada in 1994.
Dawn speaks: “We loved it. Our clients were our friends, their pets our family. We sold it over a year ago. We are now trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. We have our very beautiful 5 year old boy that stops us from traveling. His name is Otto. He is a rescue from the streets of Buffalo. He came with baggage, but so do we, so we’re a fine family. We have travelled extensively in Central America and have never encountered a more compassionate group of people at PHS. We are very happy to help. Every year those pups on the beach keep us company. We bring them flea and tick meds. We apply it and then the little buggers go and jump in the ocean. They come right back and shake all over us. Lol Many feel sorry for those dogs and want to bring them home. But we see happy, warm, friendly little angels. If only they could all be protected from parasites, spayed and neutered….Your efforts are appreciated and we think so highly of all of you!! We just want to pay them back for all the joy they bring us. We owe them that. Love, hugs and thanks to all of you.”
Nothing more to add to Dawn’s beautiful words, except thank you!
And thank you, Dawn and Derek, is not nearly enough.


Sweet Words from David Kafka

Sweet words from David Kafka, PHS Chair.

“I’m proud to call Matt Wansink and Victoria Wong my good friends. They love and help those who can’t help themselves, like I try to that is animals. While fishing today he rescued an Egret tangled up in fishing line. Thanks to Annelise Hagan and Belize Bird Rescue and Tropic Air who helped today. Will keep you all posted. She is safe in Belize City. Please protect our beautiful environment and clean up your trash and old fishing
Stay tune for updates!!!”



Raw energy filled the Barefoot Beach Bar for PHS’ seventh annual FURBALL, our biggest fundraiser for our pets. Local businesses/individuals gave prizes like they always do–GENEROUSLY! Thank you to all who donated, and to all who turned out. Very special thanks to Jay Fickess, professional photographer visiting from the U.S., who took these great photos! Jay, you certainly captured the fun and fund spirit of the night!
And to Barefoot Beach Bar–we could not have done it without you!

We love our community!

Behind each and every pet treated by Placencia Humane Society, there are people. Yes, faces and businesses who join hands to raise the necessary funds to sustain PHS in the valuable work it does for our community. With deepest gratitude, PHS thanks each and every single business and human being for making the Furball the biggest, best, most successful fundraiser to date. You raised BZ $5,027.00 for our pets! Yes, folks, you broke all records!