New Arrivals!

Any Interest, Please fill out the adoption form and Contract. PHS ADOPTION APPLICATION, Pet-Adoption-Contract

This sweet, beautiful little lady needs a FOREVER HOME!!

Her name is Football (not sure why?) and she is a darling girl.

As you can see from the attached pictures, she wants to play with other dogs and even that big old Pyrenees didn’t scare her…she rolled over as to say, “come on now big boy, play with me”!

She has been a street dog in a nearby village.

She has been spayed, vaccinated and is ready for a YES!!

We had her in our clinic recently in order to get her spayed and noted she was good with the various people who interacted with her.

She was good in the crate for a few hours, BUT…does not know what a toy is and was just finding out that “treats’ are pretty good!!

She is to be a house dog and with patience, her loving personality will make a great addition to your family.

She is not to be chained outside or left to roam the streets again. A fenced in yard is fine.

She will need to learn lease training and other social skills.

Don’t you want to give her a new loving home?

If you are interested, please go to our website, at and fill out an adoption form.

The best fit will be chosen for this lovely lady.

Don’t Wait, she could be yours!!!

Meet Lexie!!!! The most ADORABLE PUP EVER !!

From her Foster Moms:

Lexie is a sweet, smart, playful, 3-month-old pretty little girl full of vim and vigor. She was found dumped in Dangriga and is now thriving, full of love and kisses and playfulness, loving to frolic with our other dogs and also with our cat with whom she plays more gently. She has learned to walk with a harness although she is still scared of traffic driving by. She is also almost house trained with only the occasional accident and sleeps cuddled up to us on our bed at night. She has grown a lot in the past five weeks, from 7.8lbs to about 13lbs. She has had 2/3 puppy shots and was spayed last weekend. She still has some growing to do. She has lots of energy and, like a child, she charges around then crashes into sleep! A very affectionate little girl, she loves to give everyone kisses and cuddles. If interested in adopting this precious baby pup, please fill out an adoption application on the PHS Website. This is a house dog, and she is not to be chained out. She will do best with someone who will walk her and bring her up with the love and care she deserves!!

This Lovely Lady is STILL in FOSTER and needs a FUREVER home!

Please help us help her!

She has been lovingly cared for by a foster parent in Placencia.

She was the Seine Bight Mascot

She sure DESERVES a furever family.

Please consider this wonderful girl. Let’s make her a valued pet in a forever home.

1 year old Shabadda!! Some of you will know her as the mascot of Seine Bight and she lived as a street dog until she was rescued, brought back to health and fostered for the past 8 months.

She is a love, calm and needs to be with her person. She has been spayed and is UTD with her vaccinations. She is house trained, and sleeps in her crate. She is gentle with other dogs, but no cats! She has not been tested with children.

She whines a bit when she is left alone in her crate but settles quickly.

There are some areas that she still needs to work on: leash training, and she needs to be contained as she was used to chasing anything on wheels. A fenced in yard and leash walking is key.

She is not to be tied outside as she is finally a house dog.

She is currently being fed kibble in warm water with pork or chicken added. She receives monthly Nexgard Septra to keep her healthy.

Who wants to give this precious girl a furever home? She deserves the very best environment to live in.

She survived the streets for her first year of life and needs a person to call her own

To make Shabadda your own, please download an Adoption Application on the Placencia Humane Society‘s website, and the best fit will be determined.

Meet the “MAMA Dog

She was found pregnant in Belize city and was rescued by the Outreach Crew as she had (3) 5-week pups that needed care; the rest (4) died before the crew could get there.

We are unsure of her age; but she is young. She loves attention and being with people is her thing! She has been good with other dogs as well; but can’t be sure of cats as foster has none.

She will be spayed later on in March, so she doesn’t have any more pups. Her vaccinations are up to date.

She could be an indoor dog with some encouragement and patience. She most likely lived on the streets, so if that doesn’t seem like a good fit for her, she could be on a “leader” with the ability to get under cover for inclement weather. SHE IS NOT TO BE CHAINED, which is against our adoption protocol.

If you would like to foster or adopt this beautiful girl, please call PHS at 613-7387 or fill out an adoption application found on our Website. Once all applications are received, the best fit will be made.

Let’s get this girl into a furever home with a family to love her. Her days of living on the street are over!!

This is DJ!

Please , It’s time for DJ to find  a Furever Home!!

She was found in Dangriga as a neglected stray !!!

She has fully recovered, and she needs to come out of the foster home she is currently in.

We have seen that she CANNOT be in a home with CATS/or FEMALE DOGS

She is 1 year and has been spayed, dewormed is update on her vaccinations. She has been treated for fleas and ticks.

DJ enjoys the outdoors and loves to lay in the sun. A good fit for this dog would a doghouse or a long lead with the ability to move into a sheltered area in bad weather.

A farm for her to roam would be ideal. She is NOT to be CHAINED!!

She is friendly with people. She is working on her social skills and needs some family love and care. Unfortunately, has not had much exposure to playing with toys…so that would be important for her growth and enrichment.

We need help here!! Please call 613-7387

If interested in adoption, please fill out an adoption form on our Website. All applications will be reviewed, and the best fit will be made.

DJ deserves a furever home and a better quality of life….Don’t you think?

An Envelope Was Delivered

An envelope was delivered to the PHS vet clinic on 18 March. Inside it was U.S. $600.00, signed simply: “Thank you for all that you do! Kindest regards, Dawn Setford and1918246_10155766403361515_7342078787785322799_n Dr. Derek Zakaib.”
It took us a while to catch our breaths!
Dawn and Derek are no strangers to their generosity to PHS. Four years ago, during a PHS board meeting, Dawn and Derek literally walked right in and donated U.S. $900.00. We had never met them before, nor they us, but there they were, showing their huge support for PHS!
And once again, these guardian angels appeared, not personally this time, but through a friend visiting Placencia, who delivered the envelope.
Who are Derek and Dawn?
Veterinarian Derek opened the Huntington Animal Hospital in St. Catharines Ontario, Canada in 1994.
Dawn speaks: “We loved it. Our clients were our friends, their pets our family. We sold it over a year ago. We are now trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. We have our very beautiful 5 year old boy that stops us from traveling. His name is Otto. He is a rescue from the streets of Buffalo. He came with baggage, but so do we, so we’re a fine family. We have travelled extensively in Central America and have never encountered a more compassionate group of people at PHS. We are very happy to help. Every year those pups on the beach keep us company. We bring them flea and tick meds. We apply it and then the little buggers go and jump in the ocean. They come right back and shake all over us. Lol Many feel sorry for those dogs and want to bring them home. But we see happy, warm, friendly little angels. If only they could all be protected from parasites, spayed and neutered….Your efforts are appreciated and we think so highly of all of you!! We just want to pay them back for all the joy they bring us. We owe them that. Love, hugs and thanks to all of you.”
Nothing more to add to Dawn’s beautiful words, except thank you!
And thank you, Dawn and Derek, is not nearly enough.


Sweet Words from David Kafka

Sweet words from David Kafka, PHS Chair.

“I’m proud to call Matt Wansink and Victoria Wong my good friends. They love and help those who can’t help themselves, like I try to that is animals. While fishing today he rescued an Egret tangled up in fishing line. Thanks to Annelise Hagan and Belize Bird Rescue and Tropic Air who helped today. Will keep you all posted. She is safe in Belize City. Please protect our beautiful environment and clean up your trash and old fishing
Stay tune for updates!!!”