C.E.L.A students visit PHS clinic



During a two week program called C.E.L.A. (Center for Engaged Learning Abroad– http://www.celabelize.com/ ), and under the careful mentoring of Dr. Edwardo Tesecum, ten pre-vet students from all over the U.S. actively participated in PHS’ 17 June vet clinic.
Judy Cox Roberts, PHS board member and Saturday clinic coordinator states: “It was a win-win for all of us! Thanks for this great opportunity, Dr. T!”
The students spent a full day performing physical exams on our community’s pets and gained hands-on experience, assisting Dr. Tesecum in various vet services.
PHS board member and photographer extraordinaire, Ina Sonnenmoser says: “It was a great day! The students were very compassionate and enthusiastic about each animal. Dogs and cats were examined thoroughly during their initial physical exam. It was fun documenting it. There was so much going on in every corner. Great vibe. I hope Dr. T will organize that again one day.”
To add even more sweetness to the pot, Dr. Tesecum donated back to PHShalf of the money he earned that day!


Special thanks to Laru Beya Resort & Villas who hosted the vet, and to Paradise Resort and Deb & Dave’s Last Resort Placencia who hosted the students, and to Turtle Inn, for once again feeding these hungry folks with their world class pizzas. And kudos to PHS volunteers, Kim Edwards, Gil Rotstein, Judy Roberts, and Ina Sonnenmoser for keeping it all together.