May clinic – Success is sweet!

How does PHS provide quality vet care at its monthly clinics for so many pets in our community?
Why do they do it?
See for yourself in these photos the dignity each pet possesses, captured by Hilary Wilcher. Our volunteers acknowledge this spirit and consider each pet a living creature deserving of loving, compassionate care.

This weekend’s clinic would have been impossible without these folks giving their time to care for your pets: Britnee Fernandez, Sam Fernandez, Gil Rotstein (who volunteered for BOTH days!), Kim Edwards, Melanie Wilcher, David Kafka, Patricia Celenza, Idaly Wilcher, Maya Bowen, Ezekiel Choc, Karissa Rhamdas, Judy Roberts, Kitty Burgh, Becky Keeling, Kenny, and Robin (a vet tech from Boston) and Alex, visiting here on their honeymoon!
Working alongside Doctor Orlando Baptist (who is the only person paid), this is what they accomplished:

  • Friday Seine Bight Outreach Program treated
    • 31 pets– 21 of them were spayed/neutered.
    • 10 pets were also seen on that day: 6 of them spayed/neutered.
  • Saturday clinic
    • 22 pets, with 1 spay.

Adding that up: 53 pets were provided veterinary care during the weekend clinic—28 of these pets were spayed/neutered.
Total cost of May PHS clinic was BZ $4,100.00.

Joining the PHS team this month were the Green Parrot Resort in Maya Beach, hosting the vet and his two support staff, and of course, Turtle Inn, for providing their yummy pizzas to the Friday volunteers.
Thank you to all these good folks, and to all who support PHS in whatever way you can.

Read Brittnee R Fernandez’s Seine Bight Outreach Program’s adventures in her latest blog. She sure has it right!