Next vet clinic – Saturday, 17th June

Get your animals vaccinated against rabies this weekend!

Dr. Tesecum is bringing 10 young ladies to assist him this Saturday!

A series of 3 pre-exposure rabies vaccination shots is recommended for all pets in Belize. The cost for vaccination is BZ$20. PHS accepts BZ, US dollars and checks.

The first rabies shot can be given to dogs and cats at the age of 8-12 weeks. A follow up shot is necessary after the first year, and then again every 3 years.

Rabies is a viral infection caused by viruses belonging to the Lyssavirus genus. an animal disease that can spread to humans – transmitted by saliva through bites and scratches of infected mammals. The infection primarily circulates among domestic, feral, and wild animals such as dogs, cats, monkeys, foxes, bats, and raccoons, although all mammals are at risk. The virus attacks the Central Nervous System targeting the brain and the spinal cord, and if untreated is fatal.

Please call 604-8676 to schedule spays/neuters/surgeries.

From noon to 2 pm, open clinic for shots and exams.

Don’t forget, the vet charges for his services, so PHS accepts BZ, US dollars and checks for your pet’s bill.
Head on over to the purple PHS building on the Lagoon, across from Los Porticos.