A Sad Beginning To A Very Happy Ending.

These before and after photos have shaken up animal lovers around this planet.
The story of this dog began right here in Belize. Spoiler alert—it has a great ending!
Three months ago, PHS board member Melanie L Wilcher and her niece, PHS super volunteer Idaly Wilcher were driving through Seine Bight. What caught their eyes is what you see in the first photo—a dog struggling for life, tied to a short chain, in full sun, no water or food bowls. They stopped to investigate.The owner lived in Belize City, bred this dog til she could no longer make him money. He gave her to his uncle in Seine Bight. This man could barely feed himself, admitted that sometimes he shared a bowl of rice with this dog.

He understood the dog was not well, and asked Mel: “Can you help her? Can you take her now?”
Without hesitation, Melanie and Idaly did just that, and transported her to Idaly’s family, who welcomed her with love.

Candace Feldman, PHS’ Rescue/Foster/Adoption coordinator, posted this desperate plea on FB. Shawn Marshall and Mandy Marshall rose to the challenge, and took this pathetic looking pooch into their care.
They determined that this dog had been abused. She needed a more calm environment, so Lee Marinaki volunteered to foster her.
Says Lee: “I have two cats that I brought with me from South Africa, but I thought I would give this dog a try. Within 24 hours, we were attached. She is now one of our family.”
Athena is her name, like the mythological Greek goddess of wisdom.
She is strong, healthy, proud, like the goddess for which she was named.