The monthly clinic open to the public is only the tip of the iceberg of what PHS does. It is what most people know, think, and see about PHS.
However, the Feral Cat Program, the Rescue/Foster/Adoption Program, and the Seine Bight Outreach Program consume much time and expense for its volunteers and the organization.
David Kafka regularly drives the truck to transport Seine Bight owners’ pets to its monthly clinic, providing them with complete veterinary care.
ShadowDuring the March, 2017 program, an owner presented David with this little black cat. The owner claimed it had been hit by a motorcycle, broke its jaw, and could not eat. The cat was starving.
Euthanasia was discussed as the humane solution to this poor starving cat.
But, no, David stood firm, he would not permit this pet to be put down.
After consultation with Dr. Edwardo Tesecum, David allowed the cat to be examined and x-rayed for a more accurate diagnosis.
Turns out, the cat was born with a defective jaw, and could only survive on a liquid diet.
And with a very sensitive, loving home, this cat could live a normal life.
David is fostering little Shadow.
ShadowDavid says: “He’s called Shadow, because he shadows me everywhere I go! I can’t keep Shadow, but I will for a month or two to get him fattened up. Shadow looks scrappy, but he is so lovable. He will not stay still for me to get a good picture. But man, is he sweet. He must be on soft food and he pushes it around and finally eats it. He is great with all my animals. I will make sure he finds a home that understands his special food needs, and will love him forever.
Yes, for David and for PHS, saving one life at a time is their highest reward.