What we do

ClinicsFeral CatsRescue and AdoptionsOutreach – Fundraising

Our mission is to  improve and enhance the quality of life for the animals on the Placencia Peninsula by promoting and demonstrating responsible pet ownership, and educating the community it serves.

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  1. Monthly Clinics
    • Spaying & neutering and other veterinary services
    • Click here to see our total clinic statistics and costs
  2. Feral cat program
    • Trapping feral cats, spay/neuter and release
  3. Animal rescues, fosters, and adoptions
    • Caring for abused and abandoned animals
  4. Community outreach
    • Seine Bight Outreach program
  5. Community education
  6. Community volunteer recruitment
  7. Public relations
  8. Business and personal memberships
  9. Fundraising