Annual General Meeting, Volunteer Recognition and Sweet 16 Anniversary

PHS AGM30 October 2015 marked 16 years of service to the Placencia Peninsula communities and pets by the Placencia Humane Society.

And what a wonderful celebration we had, including celebrating the life of Candy Power, a PHS founder and board member for many years who passed away on 27 October, just a few days before the meeting.   We could have been sad, but we all knew how much Candy loved a party – especially one that benefitted animals – so we all knew she would have been happy that we decided to share her memory on this day with joy instead of sorrow. (PHS tribute to Miss Candy)

We also celebrated our past presidents who were able to come to our 16th Annual General Meeting – Doran Yount, Mary Smith, Deb Coston, Mary Toy, David Kafka, and Marcia Fox, all the way from Antigua, Guatemala.

Penny DialAnd, of course, we recognized all the wonderful volunteers – because PHS simply would not be here without them, especially Penny Dial, PHS Volunteer of the Year Award winner for 2015! (Congrats, Miss Penny!)

Our other special volunteers recognized at the meeting are Melanie Wilcher, Nancy Flint, Judy Cox Roberts, Natalie Dixon, Morgan Dixon, Heather Coburn, Kitty Burgh, Diane Smith, Becky Boudreaux, Becky Keeling, Jon Keeling, Serena Cal, Isaiah Mayen, Pamela Jaipaul, Kayla Jaipaul, Jo Carpenter, Sue and Carlos Vasquez, Karen Travers, Dove Duff, Nick Carpenter, Kim Carpenter, Anna Mensie, Lynn Ann Snellman, Rafaine Caliz, Jessie Bermudez, Carol Key, Jessie BermudezShawn Marshall, Saphira Ziegler, Sandorah Ziegler, Sanomah Ziegler, Saharah Ziegler, Martin Krediet, Jaden Dixon and Michele and Steve Sylvester.

We also learned about the new PHS Seine Bight Outreach Program and PHS’s ongoing work including feral cats, its monthly clinic, fundraising, the status of PHS’s budget and finances, plus a history of the early years of PHS by Marcia Fox.

Board members newly elected at the AGM are (in alphabetical order):

  • Kitty Burgh
  • Jo Carpenter
  • Patricia Celenza
  • Nancy Flint
  • David Kafka
  • Judy Roberts
  • Mary Smith
  • Mary Toy
  • Melanie Wilcher

(More information on the 2015-2016 PHS Board Members)

Thanks to one and all who have helped make this such a memorable year for PHS.

And a special thanks to Paradise Resort for hosting the PHS AGM.

In Remembrance of Candy Power

Candy Trent PowerAs most of you probably know, Candy Power died around 7:00 AM Mountain Time, in her home in Pueblo, Colorado, on 27 October 2015.

Candy left behind her loving daughter, Kelli, her wonderful grandson, Jonathon, many friends, a few enemies . . . and a legacy of uncompromising love and devotion to her friends, all animals – domestic or wild – and the environment.

You see, as Candy so wisely knew, they all go together.  We can’t protect each other and our pets and wildlife without a healthy environment – and we can’t have a healthy environment without our pets and wildlife.

Candy was one of the founders of the Placencia Humane Society way back in 1998 – and she was one of the first members of the Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development – hanging in there to the bitter end.

Candy cared – so much – sometimes too much.  And, maybe as importantly, she made us laugh – with her, not at her.

So, Candy, wherever you are, we know you crossed the Rainbow Bridge with the biggest smile – and that you ran the rest of the way home escorted by your legions of friends – two-legged, four-legged, furred, feathered and scaled.  Watch over those of us still carrying the torch.

With much love.