Mango Tango

On 27 May, the thatch of Mango’s in Maya Beach shook with PHS’ last fundraiser of the year, the MANGO TANGO! Once again, our local businesses generously donated their services to benefit the pets in our community, and PHS raised BZ $2,047.50! And thanks to Frank, you big sweetheart you, who not only hosted the event, but donated BZ $300 to PHS! Get up close and personal with PHS’ board members. Yes, you elected them, and they serve as volunteers, each one of them. And why do they do this work without pay? They do it for love, that’s why. And it sure shows, doesn’t it!



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That small lady will surprise you! Mary Smith is PHS’ fundraiser queen supreme! An elected board member, yes, a lofty tiitle for an unpaid position. Her passion for animals and for all your pets is her personal payment! Fred and Vivian Even are big PHS supporters and volunteers, too!




David Kafka, PHS chair and Kitty Burgh, board member serve our community without any pay or financial remuneration. And they wouldn’t change it for anything in the world! Amanda Cabral is a paid, part time PHS worker, cheerfully doing what needs to be done.





Meet Nancy Flint, PHS board member and Secretary. Nancy keeps written accounts of PHS monthly board meeting discussions and decisions. Yes, Nancy, is a volunteer, too!






Mel Wilcher, PHS vice chair, gives 100% to our non profit group. Here is her mom (yes, her mom, not her sister!) visiting from the U.S. Miss Hazel also donates full days at PHS Seine Bight Outreach and Feral Cat clinics.




Carey Kafka and John and Becky Keeling–yes, those smiles are the real deal, and yes, they, to are volunteers


Well, when you are married to the fundraiser queen, that makes you the fundraiser king! Stan Smith gives so much to PHS, and guess what? He is a volunteer!