Teach Them/ Reach Them- Lessons for a Lifetime

Peninsula International Academy (PIA) initiated a six week program for 15 of their 8-10 year old students. They called it “BizWorld,” and the students immersed themselves in the 21st century skills of how to start, run, and operate a business.
What they learned, however, ran deeper than just making money. They learned that they also functioned within a community, and understood the importance of giving back.
Students worked in teams to form three friendship bracelet companies. They pitched their project to a venture capitalist, raised capital by selling stock or took out bank loans, purchased the necessary materials, then designed and made their own friendship bracelets. The students kept detailed financial accounts of their expenses and the time they had invested. They used fake money and their teacher, Miss Carly di Brita, provided them with the required support.
On 27 April, PIA hosted an Earth Day Bazaar, drawing diverse groups from the village to the school campus.
It was now time to price, market, and sell these friendship bracelets for real money!
And they did just that and raised BZ $126.50!
Now what do we do with this money, the students asked themselves?
Jessie Bermudez, PIA student involved in this project, had volunteered at Placencia Humane Society (PHS) vet clinics. She suggested the money be donated to PHS for the welfare of our pets. She explained that not everyone could afford to pay for vet care, and PHS also fed four caye dogs.
Says Jessie: “PHS has many expenses, and we could help them out.”
And that is exactly what the students decided!
On 10 May, PHS board members, Mary Smith and Patricia Celenza were invited to PIA to receive BZ $126.50, all the revenues generated by their friendship bracelets.
PHS thanks teacher Miss Carly, Miss Selena Lucas, Founder and School Director, all the PIA staff, and students for turning a lesson of dollars and cents into a lesson of dollars and sensitivity!`